EV and Semiconductor Projects Stand Out in States Receiving Area Development’s 18th Annual Shovel Awards

1 Jun 2023


If there’s one thing that has been consistent with our Shovel Awards from year to year, it’s the fact that nothing gets in the way of progress and good news. Even amid challenging times such as the COVID pandemic, lots of positive developments move forward. The uncertainty we all felt during the worst parts of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 didn’t stop location and expansion projects from blossoming.

In 2022, the pandemic was fading, the economy was sizzling, and growth was continuing to generate exciting economic development headlines. And interestingly, many of the headlines were linked to a different critical challenge as daunting as the pandemic, potentially even more so. That would be the challenge of climate change. Concerns about the environment are accelerating the shift to electric transportation, and in 2022, that shift was a catalyst for huge projects across the country.

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