PGT Trucking's Expansion in Gallatin County, Kentucky: A Boost for Local Economy and Industry

PGT Trucking's Expansion in Gallatin County, Kentucky: A Boost for Local Economy and Industry Main Photo

24 May 2024

With its latest expansion project, PGT Trucking, Inc. is setting its sights on Gallatin County, Kentucky. The leading multi-service transportation firm is known for its expertise in the steel, building materials, machinery, oil and gas, raw materials, aluminum, and automotive industries. With the construction of new facilities in Ghent, KY, in 2023, PGT Trucking solidifies its commitment to fostering growth and maintaining superior customer service in the region. The new facility is expected to open by summer 2024 and significantly benefit the local economy.

Job Creation and Economic Impact

PGT Trucking's expansion in Gallatin County is poised to create substantial economic growth and job opportunities. Laurence Cox, Vice President of Sustainability at PGT Trucking, Inc., shares insight into the company's plans:

"Through our new terminal in Ghent, KY, we expect to create 20 new jobs within the first year and an additional 10 jobs in the second year. Three staff members are currently working in the area. As we grow our regional fleet, we will provide more local and regional positions for professional truck drivers to service multiple customers in Gallatin County."

The expansion will provide stable employment for residents and offer regional opportunities for professional truck drivers. This growth aligns with PGT Trucking's ongoing commitment to providing superior transportation solutions to its employees and customers.

Infrastructure Improvements

While Gallatin and Carroll Counties boast a solid road infrastructure, maintaining these roads is crucial for the smooth operation of PGT Trucking's expansion. Cox emphasizes the importance of ongoing infrastructure support:

“Both Gallatin and Carroll Counties already have a solid road infrastructure, but the roads must be well maintained over time.”

PGT Trucking's presence in the region will depend on reliable transportation routes, ensuring efficient delivery and transportation services for its clients.

Contributions to Local Industry and Trade

PGT Trucking's expansion will contribute to the overall flow of goods and trade in the region, focusing on specific industries. Cox explains the company's targeted approach:

“PGT's new terminal in Ghent, KY, will be a primary base for our steel and building material customers in the area, namely Nucor/Gallatin, North American Stainless, and CertainTeed. As our customers move goods in and out of these facilities, PGT will transport their materials, supporting their operations and our regional professional drivers. A physical location near these customers in Gallatin County will help streamline operations and provide more localized work opportunities.”

By establishing a base near its primary customers, PGT Trucking will efficiently support the flow of goods and bolster local trade.

Support from Kentucky I-71 Economic Development Alliance (KIEDA)

The Kentucky I-71 Economic Development Alliance (KIEDA) has played a vital role in facilitating PGT Trucking's decision to expand in Gallatin County. Larry Cox shares how the alliance has supported the company's expansion:

"Through the Kentucky I-71 Economic Development Alliance, PGT was introduced to several prominent industry and government leaders, which gave us the confidence to expand our operations in the area. During this project, we have been supported and encouraged by the local business community, and we are excited to have a permanent presence in Gallatin County."

PGT Trucking's new facility in Gallatin County will enhance the company's operations and contribute to the local community's growth and prosperity. As the summer 2024 opening approaches, residents and businesses alike can look forward to the benefits of PGT Trucking's expansion to the region.

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