One on One: Surprisingly Beautiful Opportunity for Kentucky Hospitality Sector

18 Apr 2022


Mark Green: How much of a hit did the state’s $11.8 billion tourism industry take from the pandemic?

Mike Mangeot: Our industry was really one of the first—if not the first—that really showed the impact of the pandemic: the shutdown of the events and meetings and conferences. We took a pretty good hit early on from an employment standpoint as well. Overall, we had about a 26% hit to our economic impact in 2020. We were on pace for another record year until that last quarter of our fiscal year. But we actually did better than some of our competitor states when you look at our neighboring states. I give a lot of credit to the way the administration responded to the pandemic. One of the things people were really looking for was safety and places to get out without big crowds in Kentucky. Make no mistake, it made an impact but we are bouncing back very well.

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