Fueling Economic Growth: Unlocking Opportunities with KPDI Funding

Fueling Economic Growth: Unlocking Opportunities with KPDI Funding Main Photo

16 Aug 2023


The Kentucky Product Development Initiative (KPDI) is a collaboration between the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development and the Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) and has set the stage for a transformative economic landscape in Kentucky. Designed to empower local governments and economic development organizations, KPDI offers a unique opportunity to drive growth and job creation through strategic site and infrastructure improvements.

The heart of KPDI lies in its commitment to fortify industrial sites across Kentucky, bolstering the state's economic potential and preparing it for sustained growth. With a substantial allocation of $100 million in state funding, KPDI is breathing new life into communities and regions, paving the way for innovative projects to stimulate local economies.

The initiative's framework is simple yet potent. KPDI applicants can tap into this funding stream to catalyze projects that promise to bring about transformative change. These projects are pivotal not only for the development of local sites but also for the creation of job opportunities for Kentucky residents. Local governments and economic development organizations are invited to propose initiatives that invigorate economic prospects, bringing tangible benefits to the populace.

A competitive application process

A distinctive feature of KPDI is its competitive application process. The initiative recognizes the unique needs and potential of each of Kentucky's 120 counties, allocating funds proportionally to the population. This allocation translates into a cap of $2 million per county per project. However, the doors are open for regional projects, enabling multiple counties to pool their resources and amplify their collective potential. This approach encourages collaborative efforts that can magnify the impact of KPDI funding, igniting widespread economic growth. In the inaugural round of funding, the program awarded $180,000 to Owen County, KY. The funds were dedicated to site development at the Owen County Industrial Park, fostering a strategic step toward growth.

Four Applications by Ky71alliance Counties

The momentum has continued with the second round of funding. Ky71alliance, an active participant in the KPDI program, submitted four applications to nurture economic development in Trimble, Gallatin, Carroll, and Oldham Counties. The ambitions are diverse, ranging from property acquisition to infrastructure enhancement. For instance, Gallatin County's application seeks funds for property acquisition and infrastructure improvements, including water and sewer line extensions. Similarly, Trimble County's proposal spans property acquisition, site development, and infrastructure improvements, promising to ignite holistic growth. Oldham and Carroll Counties also emerged as promising contenders. Oldham County's vision is focused on property acquisition and site development, while Carroll County aspires to acquire properties that could act as catalysts for economic advancement.

The breadth of these projects reflects KPDI's commitment to fostering growth in varied dimensions, understanding that each community's needs are unique. As these initiatives gain traction, they promise to create a ripple effect of progress, making Kentucky more vibrant and economically empowered. 

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